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We only do one thing

Mengcaii was formerly a printing and packaging products factory and then established Mengcaii Paper Products Factory. A manufacturer that only does one thing, which is to professionally design and develop cardboard hangers and other paper hooks that use 100% recycled paper as raw materials, perfectly replacing plastic hangers.

Kraft cardboard hangers

The FSC kraft paper material provided by Mengcaii Paper Products is made of high-hardness kraft paperboard through multi-layer high-pressure compounding, and the clothes hanger shape is die-cut according to the designed mold shape.

The raw material component is renewable paper, which is recyclable, degradable, perfectly replacing plastic hangers.

The high-hardness kraft cardboard made of Mengcaii material can bear a load of about 10KG and is suitable for hanging all kinds of light and heavy clothes without deformation or cracking.

Through high-definition printing of Mengcaii paper products and various surface techniques, we can customize customer design content, brand LOGO, etc. to support the brand.

Black paper hangers

The black cardboard hangers are made of 100% recycled paper. One is made of black cardboard on the surface and mengcaii high-quality cardboard in the middle. The other is made of all black cardboard through high-pressure lamination.

Various shapes can be die-cut by mold according to the design, and surface printing, hot stamping, UV, embossing and other processes can be easily realized.

Every step from raw materials to production process focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development. Clothes hangers are not only environmentally friendly and biodegradable, but also recyclable, making them the perfect replacement for plastic hangers.

Mengcaii paper hangers

Mengcaii Paper Products is a professional printing and packaging enterprise of Eco friendly paper hangers for high-end clothing. It is a production-oriented enterprise integrating design, production, sales and development. Professional manufacturers customize cardboard hangers, paper shoe hooks, paper photo frames, paper silk towel holders, paper sock holders and other environmentally friendly paper products, which are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.  

What we do

Adhering to research and development and continuous innovation, Mengcaii Paper Products specializes in R&D, design and production of various renewable hangers, customizing and producing high-quality hangers for customers. Our product range includes newborn hangers, children’s series, and adult hangers. Various paper hooks for clothes hangers, trouser hangers, underwear hangers, scarves, slippers, socks, hats, etc. The environmentally friendly high-hardness material provided by us has strong load-bearing capacity and does not deform.

Cardboard hangers

Shoes Hangers

Pulp hangers

Paper hanging strips